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Out Of Fuel (Vinnie Terrio) by Awsomejosh13 Out Of Fuel (Vinnie Terrio) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 1 0 Sugar, Sugar, SUGAR! (Vinnie Terrio) -200TH VECTOR by Awsomejosh13 Sugar, Sugar, SUGAR! (Vinnie Terrio) -200TH VECTOR :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 0 1 Sweet Hugs (LPS Vector) by Awsomejosh13 Sweet Hugs (LPS Vector) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 2 0 Sticky Stick (LPS Vector) by Awsomejosh13 Sticky Stick (LPS Vector) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 3 0 Y.. You're A Tiny Boy! (LPS Vector) by Awsomejosh13 Y.. You're A Tiny Boy! (LPS Vector) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 1 0 I'm Calling You A Smellypants! (LPS Vector) by Awsomejosh13 I'm Calling You A Smellypants! (LPS Vector) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 6 0 Furrever Friends! (LPS Vector) by Awsomejosh13 Furrever Friends! (LPS Vector) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 6 0 Don't Sugarcoat It! (LPS Vector) by Awsomejosh13 Don't Sugarcoat It! (LPS Vector) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 3 0 Defense Of The Sweets (LPS Vector) by Awsomejosh13 Defense Of The Sweets (LPS Vector) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 3 0 Windows XP15 (Xouris) by Awsomejosh13 Windows XP15 (Xouris) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 1 1 Zoe Trent (Ugh.) by Awsomejosh13 Zoe Trent (Ugh.) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 5 0 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 6) by Awsomejosh13 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 6) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 5 2 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 5) by Awsomejosh13 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 5) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 4 0 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 4) by Awsomejosh13 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 4) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 6 0 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 3) by Awsomejosh13 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 3) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 4 0 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 2) by Awsomejosh13 Zoe Trent (Pirate Puppy 2) :iconawsomejosh13:Awsomejosh13 5 3


LPS Vector Bundle
A Vector Bundle from any LPS episode of your choice. 
Hugs?/MLP Series
A request for a Hugs? or an MLP series of your own.
Nicely Detailed Gun
A gun of your choice, with your ideas, with tons of detail.
Drawings of any type
Any drawing you want, just tell me the details and consider it done!
Custom-Made Operating System
A custom-made picture of an operating system based around metro, shiny, or any form of design. You can also throw your ideas and preferences into the mix.
Creature Drawings
Drawing of a creature with your ideas and in your image.
Simple Gun
Give me your request, and what you want for the gun.
Vector of your choice.
A vector of your choice, just give me the image. I still do requests, so don't think you can't ask and get a vector for free!


Sorry for the delays with stuff once again, I've been dealing with multiple aches lately and it has been difficult to get work done. August 2017 LPS Vectors will be completely on schedule, bonus and main, that is the least I can promise. MLP series will roll back around in July and August.
Having a personal crisis right now, won't be posting anything including vectors for a few weeks. Sorry everybody.
Sorry for the delay everyone! Everything will be back on track today! Also, there will not be a May 2017 bundle, more than likely you'll see a new bundle from the span of June to August.
All April 2017 LPS Vectors are currently completed, except for the bonus vectors, so expect no issues with any releases for this month.

The Windows XP line will not be continued. Instead, I'll reboot it with a new OS Line called Xouris, which is basically the successor, and if not in a new line, would be XP15 and so on.
More LATT vectors coming June/July! You can expect Buster, more Angel, more Scamp, Tramp, and Lady.

Just a heads up for people who are curious!
LPS Vectors don't continue until April 11th, due to me wanting a short break, and because I'll get my computer around that time. (not specifically that day.)
Due to computer issues, art will not be returning for at least 2 weeks.

I also plan to start drawing again this year, so you can expect that, woo?

Anyways, since I am able to post this, I am clearly using some form of computer, which means I could get art out currently.

I choose not to because this computer is, in my opinion, a giant mess.

But you can expect Upcoming LPS Vectors (April 2017) to occur shortly here, the episode it being centered around is S2E6 - The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly. It has 30 vectors in-total. It will not be as high-quality as the May 2017 vectors, but they will be relatively decent. 

Basically art, and not vectors, will be up in 2 weeks.
Upcoming LPS Vectors (May 2017) will not have any stretched-out vectors, and will go back to the high-quality of the April 2016 and May 2016 vectors.

They will still get up-scaled to 2560 x 1440px. So don't worry about that, stretched-out means I make a small vector bigger to accommodate more screen space, which in the end makes it look blurry when zoomed in a bit.

An example of a stretched-out vector would be Zoe Trent (Smiling 7) from February 2017.  Zoe Trent (Smiling 7) by Awsomejosh13

Compare the quality of that to Zoe Trent (I've Got Fabulous Paws!) from May 2016, which was left at it's smaller size.
I've Got Fabulous Paws! (Zoe Trent) by Awsomejosh13

But I understand that sometimes you get an extremely tiny vector like this, and you may not be too happy despite it being higher-quality:
Zoe Trent (Amused 1) by Awsomejosh13

As a way to fix this, I will include a stretched-out version as premium content, so that you get both and the one that most suits your preferences; or I may just wipe out smaller vectors entirely. 

In basic terms, this small change that I did in the June 2016 to February 2017 LPS Vectors cost you all your sweet high-quality and it is obvious in the comparison of these two vectors. The unaltered vector, despite being the same resolution, is way nicer to look at.

Of course now, I saw that mistake, and have decided to fix it with the next LPS bundle. It will also have a maximum of 45 vectors. This applies to all future bundles, not just this one.

Finally, the episode the bundle is centered around will be revealed April 28th, with the bundle releasing April 30th, and vectors beginning May 3rd.

Don't worry LPS fans, your content will be back up soon! Soon as in a month; but we all have to be patient, right?

For now, enjoy the LPS-quickie that is Hugs? (Part 3)!
Hugs? (Part 3) by Awsomejosh13
Check out the timeline that explains my older MLP series, and my newer MLP series, and how they co-exist with each other!

Awsomejosh13's MLP Series' Timeline by Awsomejosh13
Upcoming LPS Vectors (May 2016 - February 2017) is finally complete, check out all 68 vectors here:  Upcoming LPS Vectors (May 2016 - February 2017) by Awsomejosh13

Prepare for a short love-comic between Ash's Pikachu and Serena's Fennekin, and the main attraction: Spike's Yearning Devotion (Part 4), tomorrow on February 14th! Both will debut in the early morning hours of EST.
February 2017 LPS Vectors debut on the 12th and finish on the 13th.

Then you get the February (and Valentine's Day) speciality -- Spike's Yearning Devotion (Part 4) a day later! Get prepared for Discord's return, pet puns, a doggie palooza, the mustache, and.. SPIKE'S YEARNING DEVOTION!  
Check out the yearly plans!
<da:thumb id="661686095"/>

Also, good news, I have my program back! Expect vectors Tuesday!
Spike's Yearning Devotion (Part 4) - Dimensional Disturbance is set to release February 14th, 2017. After the almost year-long hiatus. I'm finally able to finish it. This will be 327 days after the final 3rd Update for it, or 46 weeks and 5 days, between Part 3 and Part 4

Check out the 3rd Part here, to prepare for Part 4: Spike's Yearning Devotion (Part 3) by Awsomejosh13 .

Expect that along with the other stuff I have planned! I'll be releasing a list soon.
Happy birthday to me, yay.

Art may be up today, still unsure, though. (Unfortunately, it wasn't.)
Sorry for not having anything up throughout this month, basically getting off to a slow start for 2017, but I can assure you that if you're patient, lots of the good projects that are being developed currently will make it to the Internet.

Stay patient, peoples!
The Vista Pistol v2.0 begins development today. Stay tuned TVP fans! 

Previews also start today!

You can find The Vista Pistol v2.0 here:
The Vista Pistol v2.0 (Preview 2) - WIP by Awsomejosh13
Enjoy all the Pokemon vectors! More will be up in February, including a sequel to Ash's Pikachu (Pretending to be Female).
Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of The Vaporizer v2.5, go check it out here: 
The Vaporizer v2.5 by Awsomejosh13
Go check out The Vista Pistol v1.5, as the description has finally been added: 
The Vista Pistol v1.5 (2016 Remake) by Awsomejosh13
Normal art will be back up in February.


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United States
Welcome to my DA page, I am the creator of several projects including (But not limited to) The Vaporizer, CMC Time Travelers, Spike's Yearning Devotion, The Vista, Expunger, Sleep, and Perfect Day Pistol, Spike The Friendnapper, and so on! I understand everyone has their own opinions, but that doesn't mean you've got to criticize it, just leave it and move forward with your life. Anyways have a great day, males and females of any ethnic type, and I hope you enjoy my art.

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